Membership Monday: Meet SMCHI Pro, Liberty Peralta

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Liberty Peralta / photo: Yvonne F. Cobb

Born on the Fourth of July, Liberty Peralta harnesses her diverse media background to help others communicate in our modern, digital world. As PBS Hawaii’s first-ever multimedia writer, she writes for the public television station’s e-newsletter, program guide, and the weekly show “Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox,” and engages with PBS Hawaii’s supporters through social media. Liberty is also a freelance writer for HMSA’s quarterly magazine, Island Scene, and helps local businesses and individuals with their web and social media presence. You can find her on Twitter at @libz, and online at

Liberty will be a featured guest at our August 7, 2013 event: Small Budgets, Big Results.

How are you currently using social media in your job?

Liberty interviewing Joy Teraoka, a Honolulu resident who was imprisoned in a Japanese WWII internment camp in Wyoming. Photo credit: Bryan Bosworth/PBS HawaiiPBS Hawaii is on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest, and YouTube. Through these channels, we highlight primetime shows, share interesting images we find from national PBS shows and other PBS stations, and, of course, talk with our viewers. We also like sharing behind-the-scenes photos, whether we’re taping in our studio in Manoa, or on location.

Social media plays a big role on “Insights on PBS Hawaii,” our live discussion show that we air Thursday nights at 8:00. We take questions and comments from our viewers on Facebook, Twitter via the #pbsinsights hashtag, a CoverItLive chat on our website, and phone calls. We send these questions and comments to the producers, who then send them to the show’s moderator in-studio to bring up to our panel of guests on TV.

We live stream “Insights” every Thursday on our website,, and post the show online as soon as it’s available. We also live tweet the discussion as it unfolds.

Social media is a great way to invite the public’s participation, even if they can’t watch us on the air. An open discussion forum is necessary in our democratic society, and social media gives viewers a way to be involved in each conversation.

What’s one social media tool or platform you couldn’t live without?

Easy, Twitter. It’s where I find most of my resources, from copywriting and social media best practices, to pictures and YouTube videos of my favorite rock bands. I make heavy use of the starring/favoriting feature.

Name a mistake businesses make with social media.

Pet peeve: when I see someone post an honest question on, say, a Facebook page, and not see a response from the brand or company. Don’t be afraid to reply, even if you have to go find the answer from someone else in your organization first.

Can you name a local example of a successful use of social media?

Bank of Hawaii is a great local example of successfully connecting with its customers on Facebook and Twitter, on top of spreading awareness of its products and promotions. They’ve even done a couple of tweetups. Great to have an “IRL” component – it really highlights the “social” part of “social media.”

What exciting initiatives are you working on and can share with us?

I’m working on two episodes of “Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox” featuring fashion designer Ariyaphon Southiphong (formerly Andy South). We were classmates in Waianae, so it’s been an especially interesting show to work on – to learn so much about someone you knew growing up, and to see how far that person has come.

Links to both episodes:
Long Story Short: Ari Southiphong – Finding the Light
Long Story Short: Ari Southiphong – A Life Redesigned

What emerging social media networks or tools are you monitoring most closely?

I’ve been playing around with Vine.

What do you do offline to help you stay current and connected online?

Talk to people, face to face! Read books and magazines! Watch PBS! Wink, wink.

What made you join Social Media Club Hawai‘i?

I saw Social Media Club Hawaii as a great way to meet and learn from people in the budding industry that is social media. And guess what? It is.

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