Vote Now for the SMCHI NonProfit Partner!

It’s time to help us select the nonprofit organization who will be working with our club over the next 6 months learning about social media! We had 15 initial applications, 8 of whom followed through from the application instructions and attended our meeting to give their live presentation. UPDATE: We adjusted the poll so you can now vote for any of the 15 applicants. Only the ones who attended the May 8th meeting have videos. We apologize for the confusion – there were some miscommunications that resulted from the many last minute applications and from the time limitations of our club volunteers. <!–more–>

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You can see the original list here. You can learn more about the contest here.

The following video was filmed at our May 8th event and features the finalists. One arrived late, and supplied the video that follows. One could not attend, and sent a separate video in advance.

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[youtube=] is not letting me embed more than one YouTube video in this post. Please visit this link to read the video from Ma Ka Hana Ka ?Ike.

This poll shows a randomized list of eligible entries to each user, so there is no favored position. The listing changes every time the page is loaded. You may vote only once. Voting will close at 11:59 PM on Monday, May 18th, 2009.

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43 thoughts on “Vote Now for the SMCHI NonProfit Partner!

  1. Ricks Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike Building Program has made such a differnce for our children in Hana. It has literally transformed Hana School from a “be bad” student body to one that strives to serve the community with skills they are proud to posesss. I cannot say enough praise for this program where students have even built their own facilities at the Hana Campus. It’s awesome! Imua Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike Building Program!

    1. True dat! This program is the best thing that ever happened to Hana School students. Thank you Rick! Your the best 😛

  2. Tacy and Treya Smith made paddles in wood shop, They hang on the living room wall.
    People find it hard to beleive the girls , with Ricks help made the paddles . Good luck to Hana and all the children who will and h
    ave benifited from Rick,s talents Grandma Fish

  3. Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike, is a wonderful program, with very positive results. The pride and work of Mr. Rick Rutiz and the young men and women from Hana is absolutely amazing! This unique program provides hands-on skills, enabling students the opportunity to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom setting. The work they do throughout the community of Hana, helps to keep families together. They have tremendously helped to bring dialysis home to the people of Hana, by turning this old house, into a safe, beautiful, happy and nurturing dialysis home, now call “Hale Pomaika’i”. Hana Community dialysis home, the first-of-its-kind in the entire nation. Please come and take a tour of the wonderful work by Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike at: or better yet, if you are in Hana, stop by and see for yourselves our fabulous dialysis home, by Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike. The community of Hana, is very fortunate to have such a wonderful program who are always ready and able to lend a helping hand. Mahalo!

  4. Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike is awesome! We have visited the building program, supported the program and seen a couple of the finished houses at their sites. Even though we live thousands of miles away – NC – we are supporters.

    Go Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike

  5. Aloha,
    there is no one more deserving of this opportunity than Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike
    It amazes me to see the beautiful work that the students of Hana have done through this program. From musical instruments to School Office buildings, all of which look like masterpieces. Rick manages to bring out skills in the students that they never knew they posessed. They also learn how to work well together.
    I’m sure, when they look at the beautiful work they have created, they are filled with pride. I know I am.
    Thank You Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike
    and good luck to you

  6. All good folks. I voted for the Blood Bank of Hawaii.

    I’d suggest making the live PollDaddy results public. Social media is all about transparency!

  7. Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike is one the best program that Hana School & the Hana Community have. Mr. Rutiz program benefits not only kids who learns a lot in Classroom work but to the kids who’s not to good in doing paper work in class but can do a lot with their Hands. Hands On or OJT (on the job training).
    I work at the school, and have seen all the positive things that came out of this program. The state of Hawaii D.O.E. & D.A.G.S. saved a lot of funds because of this program. They built offices, a computer lab, councilor office, extended the wood shop and all this from the programs grants. State of Hawaii did not spend a dime.. Awesome program….

  8. Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike is an amazing program, learning experience and gift to the community of Hana. As a special education teacher, over the past 8 years, I have seen unmotivated students enroll in the building and construction program and have a complete turn around in their attitude towards school. Some students would not have graduated if it were not for this program. I have seen visitors come from different islands and states to try and emulate this program at their home schools because it is such an amazing learning experience for students.

  9. Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike is an extraordinary program which deserves all the community support it gets.
    Rick Rutiz has created an important exportable alternative educational model to make all Hawaii very proud.

  10. Thank you everyone for all of the comments! Please keep ’em coming! We are not moderating comments however WordPress is doing some moderation of its own. We check in every few hours to approve them.

    @Ryan Thanks for voting. We decided to hide the ongoing vote tally to protect the privacy of any organization that might not be getting many or any votes – Tess calls it assisting with “reputation management” as they are all good causes from our perspective! Winner will be announced next week. I can relate though – I love seeing how things are shaping up on the PBN polls and other opinion polls. Being a contest, we are treating it a little more preciously.

  11. Our Hana community is blessed to have Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike, that is an incredible program that changes lives and is creating our future role models that will pass it on to our future generations! Imua Rick and the entire staff and students!

  12. I have heard wonderful things about Rick and the Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike Building Program – keep up the amazing work and thanks to everyone for the support. :)

  13. I am so impressed and proud to see what these kids in Hana are doing for their comunity with the skills they learn at Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike Building program. This program teaches the students “hands on” skills that will enrich their lives and gives them a real sense of value in their community. This program has a huge impact on the lives of these students.

  14. All you have todo is look at all the wonderful loving things that Rick and his students have done. So many times our small community has asked for and recieved help from this God sent program. What future would these children have without guidence that helps prepare them for the real world. Thanks to Rick you da Man who cares to make a difference. Please give your support to this will worth program. Mahalo

  15. My wife and I met Rick just as he was pulling his program together. His knees were knocking! Now many years later we have the privilege of calling many of the young men and women who have passed through the program “Masters of their Craft”. Just another great example of the solutions that can only come from the private sector. Rick for Mayor!

  16. The young people that have worked under Mr. Rutiz are very proud of what they have accomplished. They not only learn to build buildings, they learn to take care of tools they are able to buy, needed for their work, keep financial cares in prospective. All in all they learn to Grow into young adults. This program is a God Send to the Hana Community. It benefits the young builders, the kamali’i, and most of all our kupuna. Please …… we need to support this program 100%. Mahalo

  17. Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike is a blessing for the community of Hana and especially for the students who have been a part of this wonderful program. Rick Rutiz is an awesome teacher and through his leadership many of the Kupuna (elders) of Hana have been blessed with much needed 12X12 rooms due to the multitude of families living in a single family home, Ramps, Bathroom and shower rails for those who are physically challenged, and last but not least a healing room at Hale Hulu Mamo (Hana’s Senior Center) to be used for Lomilomi (Hawaiian massage) for Kupuna/Caregivers, Acupuncture, Hearing Aid Testing and many more healing experiences for the Kupuna of Hana. This program has also been able to prepare gardens for Kupuna which gives the students an opportunity to learn how to operate heavy equipment to till and grade the earth for beautiful gardens in which our Kupuna can grow and sustain their health with food from their gardens. I cannot begin to express how blessed we are by Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike and all this program has done to enrich the lives of our Kupuna, youth and ‘Ohana (Family) of Hana! Ke mahalo aku nei makou i ka Haku no Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike! E holomua kakou!!!

  18. Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike has contributed so much to our Hana community – not only in the quality construction projects that have been built, but even more importantly, in the building of our youths self-esteem and sense of community involvement. Mahalo Nui Loa to Rick Rutiz and the entire Hana School staff and to all who support this dynamic, transformative program for Hana’s keiki.
    IMUA Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike.

  19. Thank God for Hana. Wishing the youth of Hana the ability to grow in ways that inspire their own children to grow and inspire those keiki that follow to grow and the ones to follow . . .

    Respect, knowledge and Love

  20. A great vision and outcome well deserves all recognition and praise. Rick and students are awesome. The Hana community is very lucky to have you in our midst. Mahalo nui loa – Joey Zarate

  21. Rick’s work and inspiration for the students has been amazing. The kids can see what hard work, creativity and group effort can achieve. These projects all allow the kids to be proud of their accomplishments and want to create more in their lives. It’s a wonderful program for Hana. Good luck and keep it up!

  22. I feel we need the Hawaii Imiigrant Justice Center due to the fact that there are so many immigrants here in Hawaii who do fall into the cracks and need that extra help that they can’t get anywhere else. Please continue this needed service since there is no other one like it.


    Robin Kobayashi, executive director of HIJC (quoted in Honolulu Weekly):
    “We’re the only ones who track these things…for example, when the prosecutor’s office wants to know what’s going on with domestic violence in immigrant communities, they look to us.” Kobayashi says that despite ethnic stereotypes, studies show that domestic violence occurs even in Asian communities at alarming levels. “But cultural barriers prevent reporting, and when you add in immigration, where people don’t know the language or the law, and don’t know what resources are available to them, the problem becomes much worse.”

  24. The Hawaii Cat Foundation is compassionate and sorely needed: without it many lovable cats would lose their lives due to human neglect and abandonment. It is a fantastic non-profit.

  25. Aloha and Mahalo to the SMCHawaii for putting this contest together. We at Tails Of Aloha are an all volunteer organization that have worked for the past few years on all islands of Hawaii and look forward to serving them all in the future as well. We are an animal assistance organization that provides animal therapy to nursing homes, hospices, hospitals and even private homes. Our animals bring joy into the lives of the people with whom they visit. With nursing homes, we bring thoughts of yesteryear complete with smiles and conversation from those patients that had an animal before!(or even those that did not)
    Was so hard to try and fit all we do into a 90 second video I am sure we did not do ourselves enough justice. We do so many things for animals and for the people that ask us to bring our animals to either group settings or private encounters.
    Put a puppy in your hands, Close your eyes, and imagine what that will feel like when you are 90…or 10 and very sick. A wriggling puppy can make your day! Or a cuddly Golden Retriever licking your face can bring a smile when you don’t feel like smiling! Even walking or pushing your wheelchair next to Shetland Pony can bring a positive life experience!
    I can go on and on but will spare your time… we appreciate all you do for us…win or lose, we are all winners today! Mahalo and Good Luck to All! Paul TOA

  26. with services for immigrants being cut – this organization helps those who need it most to assimilate and participate productively in the community.

  27. Bella Project. Mandi did great work with this when she was here in Chicago and she’ll make a lot of young women’s dreams come true. Plus I like her legally blonde style 😉

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