Mobile Content Spans Multiple Screens

The Nielson Company’sThree Screen Report found 57% of Internet users use TV and Internet simultaneously at home–and since then the iPad and tablet computers have surged in popularity.

The rise of mobile media is causing one of the most significant changes to consumer behavior since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Today’s smartphone users are growing, and the pace is accelerating. What does that mean for your business today? What does it mean for you as a marketer?

What Mobile Means for Your Business

According to Google, more than 70% of smartphone users have used their phone while shopping in-store, and 88% of people looking for local information took action on what they were looking for within 24 hours. This has huge implications for your business!

Hawaii brands need to consider the context of where their users, prospects or customers are when they develop their online marketing campaigns. Increasingly, it will be on mobile smartphones.

Where are your customers spending their time online? Most likely, it’s with online games, by far the most popular activity on smartphones. After games comes music, entertainment, then news. Incorporate these elements into your online engagement campaigns. Utility apps are not as popular, but they can  be effective at reaching narrow, niche audiences.

As you develop your online social media strategy, consider how your customers prefer to hear from you. That could be Email, Text Message, Facebook, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Yelp!, FourSquare, Twitter or Pinterest. Be where your customers are looking for you. Don’t know? Ask. You’ll discover it’s some combination of the above, depending on your customer’s age, needs, mood, location and time of day.

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Tip: Be on the lookout for emerging new platforms that might grab your customer’s interest. Do you represent a hotel or restaurant? Be vigilant about anything having to do with travel, exploration, lifestyles or adventure.

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Meanwhile, keep in mind Hawaii traditionally lags mainland trends by at least two years or more, which can give you a head start on the competition. Facebook users in Hawaii are increasing, with the 45 and over demographic rising the most, but overall numbers lag mainland trends. Face-to-face communication is still preferred in the islands. However, there are still opportunities for using Facebook and Twitter in Hawaii, especially if you are targeting a younger, under 25 audience.

Here’s what you can do today to get your business mobile ready:

1. Start Now! Remember in 1999 when few companies had a website? It took five or six years before the CEO finally realized how important the website was to the company’s marketing strategy. This time, you don’t have the luxury of waiting. As this video by Mary Meeker explains, you don’t have 3 to 5 years to get this right. You have less than 24 months:

2. Map Out Your Possibilities. Consider all the ways mobile can potentially affect your business. Think big! NetFlix has changed the way people watch movies and iTunes has changed the way we listen to music. How will mobile change your business or industry? Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes. Innovate in ways only you can. Ask an outsider for ideas about how you can stand out from the crowd. Think about why your customers come to you. What do they need most from you? Make that content mobile-ready.

3. Invest accordingly. Do you have a “digital team” on board? If not, get one. How much of your digital strategy is focused on mobile? It’s not enough. Mobile can not be a small portion out of an already small budget. The mobile wave will crest over your business if you don’t make it a priority. Start saving and planning for how you will optimize your website for mobile. Are you a retailer? Look at BestBuy and Petco for examples. Take the effort to make the experience top-notch. Do as much as you can.

Ready to get started? I developed this step-by-step, fill-in-the blank Mobile Marketing Planning Workbook that you can use right now!

One thought on “Mobile Content Spans Multiple Screens

  1. This is great advice Laura. I don’t think it has really registered with many of us how much the time frames are shrinking. I used to tell clients re: internet-related things: Don’t worry, take your time, The internet is not going away. Now I tell them: Get on it! The longer you wait, the more you will have to learn and the steeper the curve.

    Thank yo also for your generous Mobile Marketing Planning Workbook. I am downloading it now!

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