Lessons Learned on Social Media

As social media becomes a more common and integrated tactic, we have lots of examples of “What Not To Do.”  A search on Google for “lessons learned in social media” yielded 63,500,000+ results. There are 108,000,000 results for “social media mistakes.”  So why jump into the fray about social media lessons? Because so many of […]

Social Media Policy Planning – Event Recap

WOW! We kicked 2012 off in style with the help of some great panelist and an awesome and engaged audience, both in person and on the live stream. We gave away the book Get Bold from Sandy Carter to @libz. I am in the process of reading this book and I highly recommend it; we’ll be […]

SMCHI Elects Formal Board Members

Since starting in Hawaii in 2008, Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI) has been loosely organized by a group of committed volunteers who organized events, kept the website updated and stayed current with the various social media outposts. SMCHI grew both in local awareness and in its offerings under this formula and today, SMCHI is one […]

Curious about using video for business?

You already know there are lots of ways to create content, but chances are you’ve not tried video. Maybe your afraid of the technical aspects. Maybe you’re shy. Maybe you think its got to be perfectly produced and polished. Steve Garfield has some pretty heavy production chops, but his new book Get Seen (not an […]

July 20: How to Buy Social Media Services

We know that buying any new type of product or service can be confusing! Social media is just the same, especially when new social networks and technology are being created virtually every month! In any new industry there are growing pains for establishing best practices, creating market demand, and of course sorting out the charlatans […]

SMCHI May 2011 Recap: Q & A with Phyllis Khare and Peter Liu

We’re a little late on our review from May’s Social Media Club Meeting and we hope you’ll forgive our tardiness. We want to keep you updated, but sometimes our imperfections get in the way. This month’s imperfections? Tardiness. Last month, well, it was technical difficulties. May’s SMCHI meeting featured two guest speakers, who joined us […]

Feb 15: Why Build a Custom Facebook Page

Our February meeting will help you get clear about Facebook with two local experts and professional Social Media Cub members, Rob Bertholf and Phillippe Tassin: – Different applications for business & nonprofit – How its different from your website – How to integrate your FB with other social platforms – Landing Page considerations – How […]

Kauai Tweetup: Saturday 5 Feb 2011

Linda Sherman is organizing a tweetup to get together the social media practitioners and the “social media curious.” Please read all about it here. While we are on the subject of social media and the Hawaiian Islands, your state chapter of Social Media Club would like EVERYONE reading this to Join our email list so […]

Social Media University: This November

Our parent organization, the Social Media Club, is putting on its first ever international conference. Here is the initial scoop. We’ll keep you posted with details or you can just bookmark the Social Media University website and track things for yourself! Direct from the SMC: Social Media University is being produced by Social Media Club […]

May 14, 2010 at Social Media Club Hawaii

Our monthly gathering is Friday, May 14, 6 p.m. at ING DIRECT Cafe! Our topic is using social media in the financial services industry. Featured Presentation: Frank Hamm Frank Hamm Our featured presentation is on the current state and trends in Social Media in Europe focused specifically on Germany.   We will gain an insight on […]