A Lookback to the May #SMCHI Event

Social media allows us to share just about anything that we see and find interesting at a rapid rate. The legal ramifications of sharing something as innocent as a picture belonging to your favorite photographer on your site or twitter feed can often be overlooked. After having attended Social Media Club Hawaii’s panel discussion, The Intersection Between Copyright and Social Media, at the Downtown Honolulu YWCA on May the 14th, it is clear this is a fairly complex topic that cannot be taken lightly.

To kick off the evening, attendees were able to do a little bit of networking and even get in a bite to eat from the selection available at Café Julia. Once everybody was a little more settled in, everybody was able to test a new technology from the event sponsors called LiveSift. LiveSift is a live polling software that is pretty great at what it was built for. The moderator for the night, Tara Coomans, was able to walk around with her tablet and watch the results populate as she the audience answered questions leading the evening’s topic. From there, the panel discussion began.

The panelist consisted of 5 professionals in various fields that deal with copyright and actually defined it as clearly as possible. John Hart is not only the Communication Chair at Hawaii Pacific University; he also has a considerable amount of experience working in the music industry. Ryan K. Hew, Hawaii Esquire, is a practicing attorney in the field of copyright law.  Tina Mahina from Tina Mahina Photography and Ed White from Dallas Nagata White Photography are both experienced photographers and deal with this issue constantly as from the view of the content creator. Gene Park is currently the engagement editor for Honolulu Civil Beat and has been a current professional journalist since 2003.

Some of the topics discussed are very likely familiar and the main one I already mentioned. Is it ok to share somebody’s picture that you find on the internet that you like? This is a severely loaded question and even has books written around the topic but the panelists did a fine jobs trying to answer that question. In fact, you can see the Livestream of the event here. They tackled topic after topic that Tara presented them.

The evening concluded with a quick question and answer section. This section was interesting in that the questions that came of this were all over the topic’s wide spectrum. The attendees were get a fair amount of questions in and the panel seemed to be fielding each one.