Membership Monday | April

April 6th – Membership Monday: Social Media Club Hawaii Prez, Amanda Tompkins

Instagram: @smilestompkins
Twitter: @smilestompkins

Amanda Tompkins, President of the Social Media Club of HawaiiOur first Membership Monday feature goes out to our girl, Amanda Tompkins! Amanda is a Social Media Rock Star who joined Social Media Club Hawaii two years ago to gather with like-minded people and to further craft her skills in social media. She believes the best part about SMCHI is the relationships she’s made both professionally and personally. If she needs social media advice she automatically turns to her colleagues on the Board.

Instagram is Amanda’s go-to social media outlet. She lives by the mottos, “With love and kindness anything is possible” and “If it doesn’t scare you it is not worth doing.” Her favorite hashtags are #LuckyWeLiveHawaii or #PandaPerfect. Two of Amanda’s favorite watering holes are Wang Chung’s and the bar inside the Honolulu Club, and she enjoys ono grinds from Himalayan Kitchen, Downbeat Diner, Side Street Inn or Natsunoya Tea House.

You can find her (at least) once a month at the Honolulu Museum of Art, working out, binging on Netflix, cocktailing, laughing (A LOT), wearing high heels, learning about technology or volunteering. By the way, her dog is awesome and is named Kevin Costner. In a nutshell, this is your Social Media Club president everyone!


April 13th – Social Media Club Hawaii Vice President, Shelley Simpson

Instagram: @sirengrrl
Twitter: @shelleysimpson7

Shelley Simpson, Vice President of Social Media Club of Hawaii

This week’s Membership Monday features our Vice President, Shelley Simpson. She joined just over a year ago because Gwen Woltz asked her to! Shelley joined SMCHI because she wanted to be part of a group of people in Hawaii who actually want to make things happen. People who embrace change, roll with it, and are part of the solution in our little island instead of part of the old, stagnant ways.

Shelley’s goal for SMCHI is to be super well-known and have more members than we know what to do with! She would like us to be an association that people think of when they need experts, advice, consultants. Social media is important because without it Shelley wouldn’t have a job! Her favorite hashtags are #FTW and #lesbian! One of her favorite quotes is, “Change is the only constant.” You can find her eating ono grinds at Town, Buho, and Greens & Vines, and in San Francisco: Greens, Casa Las Madres, Walzwerk. Her favorite watering holes are Bevy & Lewer’s Lounge, and in San Francisco: Bubble Lounge.

If she could have superpowers they would be teleportation, ability to selectively hear people’s thoughts, ability to speak any language and the ability to heal (herself and others). Shelley’s favorite color is purple, and her favorite ice cream is vanilla. When we asked about her favorite beach(es) Shelley says, “I’m a nice white girl with blue eyes and white skin, so me and the beach don’t get along well. However, if I had to choose, I’d say Kahala/Waialae Beach Park – I like how rugged it is. Plus, I used to watch Magnum PI being filmed there when I was a kid.” Let’s give it up for our SMCHI Vice Prez!!


April 20th – Grant Shindo aka Chuggy Bear, SMCHI Sponsorship Co-chair

Instagram: @chuggy_bear
Twitter: @chuggy_bear

Grant "Chuggy Bear" ShindoWe’re featuring the one and only…Chuggy Bear aka Grant Shindo. He’s a professional eater with Frolic Hawaii, and we’re so thankful to have him on the SMCHI team! He became a member several years ago after SMCHI asked him to present at the annual HR Boot Camp event. Grant did a quick Q&A pertaining to LinkedIn, and the rest is history. He believes the best part of SMCHI is the fact that everyone is bouncing ideas off of one another. If he could change a part of SMCHI he says, “I’d like to have all the thought leaders in the social media community as members in SMCHI!”

Social media is Chuggy’s life, and he’s on it all day, every day! He loves Instagram because it’s visual, quick and easy. For social media advice Chuggy turns around and asks @Thomasohhh! Chuggy’s favorite blogs are: and His favorite person to follow on social media is George Takei because Takei shares really entertaining content while maintaining his personality and persona. Chuggy loves the hashtag #dogbeard. We asked him what his social media advice is and he said, “Just don’t tweet like Justine Sacco.” Chuggy’s favorite song is none other than Drake’s song “YOLO,” and Chuggy’s life motto is, “Life’s too short to eat anything less than 5 stars.” His favorite restaurant is La Cucina Ristorante Italiano, and his favorite bar is Manifest.

The last place Chuggy visited was Maui. He’d love to visit Japan next! If Chuggy had a superpower it would be the ability to perfectly flavor any dish. His favorite color is purple, his favorite ice cream is ube, and his beach of choice is White Plains. If you couldn’t guess what Chuggy Bear’s hobbies are already they are: eating, taking photos of food, and writing about food. Something you may not know about Chuggy is that he almost died in college when he fell into a manhole. Luckily, he slammed the cover shut as he was falling and that’s why he has flat shins.


April 27th – Sylvia Dahlby, the Rainmaker at SmartSearch, SMCHI Sponsorship Chair

Twitter: @SylvieDahl
Google+: +SylviaDahlby 

Sylvia DahlbyThis week’s wonderful Membership Monday highlight goes to Sylvia Dahlby! She is the rainmaker at SmartSearch, where she sells software for recruiting & staffing business and human resources applications. She joined Social Media Club Hawaii in 2010 to learn more about social channels and more importantly how the new media could help her clients. She believes the best part about SMCHI is the fact that she’s met some extremely smart, energetic and entrepreneurial people in the digital marketing space across a wide variety of industries. Club members who “get it” really do want to “share it” and this helps her keep up with the fast changing, exciting world of social media. She’s learned a great deal, and continues to do so every day thanks to the connections she’s made on SMCHI. Sylvia would like to see greater participation across neighbor islands; the Hawaii Chapter is Oahu-centric with strong representation on Maui – she’d like to see the membership and programs grow on the Big Island and Kauai.

Sylvia mostly uses LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ for business. Social media helps her stay current with industry news, trends, current events, public policy, the business community, and how all of this impacts employers, job seekers and the employment marketplace. Depending on the advice needed, she looks to SMCHI leaders (board members and past presidents), LinkedIn Groups on the topic of social media in my industry, and social experts that she follows on Twitter. Her favorite hashtags are the following: #smchi #shrm #HRHappyHour #TChat #recruiting #staffing #hrtech #haiku #movies #HRMusicShare.

Her favorite website is the astronomy picture of the day: Her favorite quote is, “No matter where you go, there you are.” ~Buckaroo Bonzai and her life motto is, “Be kind. Listen more. Never give up.” Her favorite place to eat is at home, since her husband is an AWESOME cook. She recently visited Southern California: Oceanside, Los Angeles, and she’d like to visit Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and/or Hong Kong next. When we asked her what her favorite icecreams is she said: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia; Talenti sea-salt carmel gelato; Hagan Dasz dark chocolate-covered chocolate ice cream bars, Baskin Robbins jacmocha almond fudge, Hilo Homemade salted macadamia nut. A random thing that you may not know about Sylvia is that she once got thrown out of a bar in Amsterdam, and she says, “You’ll have to buy me a drink if you want to hear that story.”