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Membership Mondays for Social Media Club of Hawaii


May 4th – Wilbur Wong, Social Media Club Email Marketing Coordinator

Wilbur Wong


Twitter: @wilburwong

Instagram: @wilburwong


Google+: +WilburWong

Periscope: @wilburwong


Our first May #MembershipMonday goes to our Email Marketing Coordinator, Wilbur Wong. This is his first year working with Social Media Club of Hawaii, and when he’s not helping us with SMCHI he’s an an Online Communications Manager at Becker Communications, Inc. He joined SMCHI to meet like-minded people IRL (in real life); grow his experiences and capabilities by learning from others. He believes the best part about working with SMCHI is being able to talk with others and come up with some amazing ideas. He hopes this year we can build more awareness about the club in Hawaii. Social media affects his job because it’s a key component of it – he loves building online personalities for his clients.


We asked Wilbur what his favorite social media platform is and he said, “It depends what I’m trying to achieve. If I’m at an event then it’s all about Instagram, but if I want to have a discussion with my friends I’d put it up on Facebook.” Though, with the recently-released Periscope app Wilbur is recommending that everyone give it a try. If Wilbur needs social media advice he talks with others in the industry. He also reads various articles and case studies. His favorite brands to follow on social media are: Oreos, Coke, Southwest Airlines and KLM. He says, “I like seeing how brands convey their personalities on social media.” Wilbur’s favorite hashtag is #FoodPorn. Wilbur suggests that one should be authentic and human when using social media.


Some other random facts about Wilbur: his favorite quote is, “Lead, follow or get out of the way,” his favorite place to eat is at Kat’s Sushi, the last place he visited was Hong Kong, the next place he wants to visit is New York. We can’t know Wilbur’s super hero power because it will “give up my secret identity. Oh wait a minute…” his favorite color is green, his favorite ice cream flavors are cookies and cream or lychee, and his hobbies include photography and cooking. Wilbur would also like to add that some of his hidden talents include close-up magic (WOAH!), balloon twisting and lion dancing. And he once led a 275-member marching band. How rad! Thanks for all your hard work, Wilbur.


May 11th – Mae Russell, Social Media Club Communications Chair


Mae RussellTwitter: @mktgmaenia

Instagram: @mktgmaenia



Our second May #MembershipMonday goes to our Social Media Club Communications Chair, Mae Russell. She’s been with SMCHI for over two years, and joined because Gwen Woltz would always share with her how fun it is to be a member and attend all of the great events where you can learn the latest and most up-to-date information about social media. Mae joined SMCHI because she wanted to strengthen her portfolio, and knew that joining SMCHI is a great organization to join.


According to Mae the best part about SMCHI is meeting the wonderful and friendly members because it’s a great group to network with (Daww…thanks, Mae!) We asked Mae how social media affects her job and she replied, “Social media affects my job every day. It’s one of the main outlets we [Kamehameha Schools] use to communicate with our audience. It is extremely important to my field of work.” Her go-to social media platform is Instagram because she enjoys taking pictures and posting them for her friends to see.


For social media advice, she goes to Gwen Woltz (her social media sensei). We got to know Mae a little bit better and we found out that she follows theSkimm and Movie Case Files blog. She also gave us great social media advice: never post anything that you will regret. Her motto is “Live to eat!” Her favorite place to eat at is Nobu (if it’s her birthday or some special occasion.) Mae last visited Japan and she would love to go visit Australia. If Mae was a superhero and had a power she would want the power of persuasion. Mae’s favorite color is purple, and she loves any ice cream that has chocolate in it! Her favorite beach is Lanikai and her hobbies include: skiing, shopping, spending time with my family and friends, and taking her dog Mia for walks. Give it up for our Communications Chair, Mae!!


May 18th – Lara Holt, Social Media Community Manager


Lara HoltTwitter: @LaraEBHolt


Instagram: @lebholt




Introducing Ms. Lara Holt, our Social Media Community Manager! She’s been a member of SMCHI for almost a year, and joined in order to collaborate with like-minded individuals and learn from them. You can also find her as a Social Media Specialist for Wahine Media. She says the best part about SMCHI is the ability to connect with so many people who have a variety of interests and specialty areas of knowledge in social media. She’d like to help create a strong and connected community that understands and benefits from what SMCHI has to offer.


Lara uses social media every day, creating content for multiple clients and she loves it!   Facebook is her go-to social media platform, and for social media advice she asks those at work and in SMCHI . Her favorite hashtags include #LuckyWeLiveHawaii and #sundayfunday. Her best piece of social media advice is “be the voice of your brand and understand your audience.”                                


You can find Lara eating at Cafe Kalia, Kalapawai Cafe, Sabrina’s and Doraku, and she loves to grab a drink from the Moana Surfrider Beach Bar. The last place Lara visited was Kauai and the next place she’d like to visit is Greece! Her favorite color is pink, her favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Her favorite beaches include Bellows and Lanikai. She enjoys working out and training for her next race, exploring new restaurants, and spending time on the beach! Thanks for all your hard work Lara!



May 25th – Hillary Agra, Social Media Club PR Coordinator


Hillary AgraHillary Agra is our Social Media Club PR Coordinator, and she joined SMCHI because she loves social media and believes the best people to connect with are the ones who share, love and breathe similar interests. She thinks the best thing about SMCHI is the people and would love to meet more than once or twice a month. She uses social media every day to help promote the four radio stations she works for, and she needs to understand and execute the latest social media practices in order to engage the listeners, promoters and clients. Oh yeah, she’s a Digital Content Coordinator for Ohana Broadcast when she’s not helping out with SMCHI! Her fave social media platform is Instagram and says, “Instagram is my jam! I love the photo-based platform because I’m more of a visual person.”


For social media advice she goes to her friends and peers who work with social media. Her favorite blogs are,, and Her favorite person to follow on social media is @goldfishkiss / Rebekah Steen because she has rockin’ beachy photos, great DIYs and she’s got a positive/magnetic personality. Her favorite hashtag was #Wanderlust2015 and #wanderlustfestival because she loved to see what the other yogis were up to on the beautiful North Shore.


Her social media advice is to schedule posts ahead of time. She suggests sitting down for an hour or so and go HAM on scheduling posts. She came up with this quote the other day and tries to use this as her daily mantra, “More pranayama and less drama, mama!” But a social media-related quote (that she can’t claim as her own) is “Cache rules everything around me.” She’s also a big fan of Jay-Z’s quotes “Ladies is pimps, too.” Her favorite place to eat is Monkeypod Kitchen or Bills Sydney and for a Breakside Tropicalia she’ll go to Real, the Gastropub.

The last place Hillary visited was Nagano, Japan and she’d love to visit Portland, Oregon next. If she was a superhero she would want to fly…or have spidey senses. Turquoise or teal is her favorite color. Her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. Her favorite beach is Ke`ikis, and her favorite hobbies include yoga-ing, going to the beach, surfing, jumping into the ocean, hiking, blogging, social media-ing, hosting random dance sessions, searching for the latest indie/alternative music and trying new restaurants!