Social Media Campaign by Coca-Cola — #ShareaCoke

Last week, I paid a visit to Target in the Salt Lake area to go pick-up something that I saw in their weekly ad and found that there was something very interesting in the aisle near the checkout area. There were some plastic Coca-Cola (Coke) bottles stacked on a circular display that screamed out at me. There was a big red sign topping the display with white capital lettering (signature Coke) saying “SHARE A PERSONALIZED COKE WITH A FRIEND”. At a glance, I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about until I picked one of the bottles up and found the name Courtney on this particular one. I began to spin the bottles on the display so that I was able to see the names thinking that they might only have a couple of names but I was surprised to see that one the shelf that I was looking at, I didn’t see more than a couple of duplicates.  

I was hooked on the idea and really couldn’t let it go so I immediately started searching the internet for #ShareaCoke and found that this was a national campaign called the “Summer of Sharing”. If you search #ShareaCoke on Twitter, you will immediately find people from all over the U.S. getting into the spirit of sharing a Coke with their friends and family. There was even one particular post that suggested that it would be much easier to “break the ice” if you share a Coke with somebody that you would like to talk to.

I haven’t really seen such a large amount of effort being put into a social campaign by a company like Coca-Cola. An article I read on Coca-Cola’s official blog mentioned that fans even have a place to build their own virtual bottles to share with their friends at

There is far more interactive features on a few of their websites and you can read about it at their official blog.