Social Media Club Hawaii Hosts Another Successful "Boot Camp" Workshop for Employers

Sharing innovative, fresh ways employers are using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms to engage with job applicants, hiring managers, employees and the community – that’s what the Social Media Boot Camp for Hawaii’s recruiting, staffing, and human resources was all about.


Nearly 90 professionals representing a cross section of the local employment marketplace gathered at Dave & Busters in Honolulu on March 24, 2015 for the fifth annual workshop on how social media is impacting the workplace.

This year’s workshop was co-sponsored by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Hawaii Chapter, and opened with a look back at the first Boot Camp workshop in 2010 at time when employers had more questions than answers about social media. Three of the speakers from that first boot camp were on hand to share insights on how much has changed – and continues to change – since then.

It was my great pleasure to introduce the morning session and a live webcast on How To Upgrade Your Job Postings So They Stand Out On Social Media, presented by Shally Steckerl, founder of The Sourcing Institute, and a recognized thought leader in the HR/recruiting and staffing industry. The webinar was included as a courtesy of co-sponsor SmartSearch applicant tracking software as part of its “smart practices” series. The presentation covered how to choose the right social platform, or “find your tribe” and then tailor the employment message to fit the media.


The afternoon program included a panel discussion and “talk story” roundtable groups.


New ideas!” 

Kristen Robinson of KR Design kicked off a panel discussion topics with a look at the effectiveness of Facebook ads. Her informative presentation was followed by an eye-opening look at Glassdoor with Beth Busch of Success Advertising Hawaii, who talked about how both employers and employees are using this site. Paul Klink, a well-known local multipreneur at Vistage, LUX VIP Events Hawaii, and the founder of Live Aloha offered perspective on how employers can best take advantage of social channels. Lisa Kracher, Staffing Solutions Hawaii, presented a case study on how her organization used social media for employee and customer engagement in a community outreach and fundraising campaign.


The panel was moderated by the workshop’s Co-Director, Mary Despe of MK Despe Consulting, who also facilitated an online Q&A via LiveSift where the audience could ask –and answer – questions and interact the panelists. Social Media Club Hawaii past president Gwen Woltz of Wahine Media, and Boot Camp co-sponsor Viil Lid of LiveSift were on hand to educate participants in how to use this information gathering tool.

Highly informative seminar. Thank you!”

The panelists subsequently carried their respective topics to the floor and joined the audience for hands-on roundtable discussions. They were joined by Ryan K. Hew, Esq., Doug Harb of Makai Search, Bernard Nunies of Kane’ahanui Management Consulting, and Erica Wallace of Bank of Hawaii who each brought topics ranging from social media policy to executive search. The format was similar to “speed dating” with two 20-minute sessions, so participants were able to choose two topics of interest. One of the top suggestions for future boot camp events was “more round table time.” We hear you!


Learned a lot!”

Social Media Club Hawaii president and rock star Amanda Tompkins, vice president Shelly Simpson, and sponsorship co-chair Grant “Chuggy Bear” Shindo rounded out the program with information about membership, club events, and door prize giveaways.


SMCHI 2015 board members Liberty Peralta and Peter Castillo were on hand to help welcome guests, the club’s tech guru Shiloh Swanson livestreamed the afternoon panel discussion, and communications team members Hillary Agra and Lara Holt kept the #smchi twitter feed going with live updates, photos, <a href=”

Social Media Club of Hawaii produced it’s 5th annual Human Resources Bootcamp for Recruiting, Staffing & Human Resources.

Social Media Club of Hawaii produced it’s 5th annual Human Resources Bootcamp for Recruiting, Staffing & Human Resources.

Social Media Club of Hawaii produced it’s 5th annual Human Resources Bootcamp for Recruiting, Staffing & Human Resources.”>storifying, Facebooking and social sharing of all the happenings throughout the information-packed presentations.


Exemplary! Love #SMCHI”

Participants enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet and beverage service provided by Dave & Busters, and a portion of the dessert proceeds were donated to Make-A-Wish.

“Yummy food!”   “Serve dessert earlier.”

Mahalo to event sponsors SHRM-Hawaii, Success Advertising Hawaii, Bishop & Co., SmartSearch applicant tracking software, and Staffing Solutions of Hawaii. Social Media Club Hawaii also wishes to thank LiveSift, and the High Technology Development Corporation for tech support, and appreciates contributions to the success of the event from Kevin Zuber, Social Media Club 2015 Treasurer, Hawaiian Host, Adecco, and Kamehameha Schools.

Awesome Boot Camp!”

For those who missed it, portions of the 2015 Social Media Boot Camp for Recruiting, Staffing & Human Resources were recorded. You can find the morning webinar posted on the SmartSearch Concierge Page and part of the afternoon panel discussion posted on Social Media Club Hawaii’s livestream archive.


This was fun! Do it again!”