Curious about using video for business?

You already know there are lots of ways to create content, but chances are you’ve not tried video. Maybe your afraid of the technical aspects. Maybe you’re shy. Maybe you think its got to be perfectly produced and polished.

Steve Garfield has some pretty heavy production chops, but his new book Get Seen (not an affiliate link) removes all the fear and stigma from using video for business. While he covers a lot of technical elements, he does so in an easy, step by step manner that includes photos. But perhaps Steve’s most helpful advice is reminding users not to get too hung up on purchasing expensive equipment or worrying about production perfection. Throughout the chapters, he shows users how to use sites like Vimeo and YouTube and interviews video masters who provide insight into how businesses are using video for content. He even throws in some fun sites that you’ve probably never heard of, like where I made this fun video in less than 15 minutes.

While I was making my own video for this book review, I took to heart Steve’s advice and “just did it.” A couple perhaps more obvious lessons are available in the out takes of this video. I’d call myself a novice video producer, in other words, I’ve made some for fun and I even made one for the famous Best Job in the World Application in Australia a couple of years ago. But while I can navigate Imovie and a point-and-shoot video camera I haven’t utilized the format much for business. I mean, after all, we can’t all be Roxanne Darling and have a hit YouTube series. Or can we? Steve Garfield is all about encouraging you to take a stab at it. Whether you use video for your blog or as a citizen journalist with CNN’s Ireport or as a product demo video is a tool that people love to see – and its easier to produce than you probably thought. Steve even has a series of recommendations for creating video content without having to star in your own video. Perhaps the most fun I had was playing with a site, you can see the results of my test here, it took 15 minutes to produce and it was free. So have it at! Let your imagination run wild…I know my own brainstorming gears were grinding!

Now, you can see from my video, I didn’t do anything fancy. I wasn’t trying to showcase my video chops, I wanted you to see how easy it can be. Even from your desk. I chose to use Vimeo to share the video with you for lots of reasons. I think Vimeo is a great resource for professionals and its just as easy to use as YouTube, without the clutter. It doesn’t have the built in audience that YouTube has, but it I think its viewers are more targeted Also, our own blog has a 20MB limit on uploads, so it was easier to post it on Vimeo without giving up any of the production value. I did have some wonky challenges with embedding the video into this blog post, most specifically that after adding in the embed code, the site didn’t want it to stick. I solved that by adding the code right before the “save”. But just in case there is another issue, check it out here.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot!

And if you’d like your own copy of Steve Garfield’s book “Get Seen” then be sure to join SMCHI for our July 20th event. But even if you can’t be there, tweet @smchi with the hashtag #getseenhawaii to be entered into the drawing!

Thanks for watching. And reading!

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