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Basem Al Markh


Al Markh Law Firm, Director / Councel at Al Markh Law Firm. Enterpenure

Achieving success depends on many factors, but it ultimately boils down to a single thing: passion. When your job is what gets you up in the morning and keeps you invigorated daily, there is nothing you can’t achieve. That’s my story in brief. My name is Basem Al Markh, and I am a serial entrepreneur with a strong record of success in law, real estate, media production, driving brand awareness, and brand campaign design via social media or traditional media. My core brand is having an understanding of the cross-functional view of a problem with a clear ability to relate that understanding to others. One of my passions is creating the right tools and structures that allow people to thrive in their roles. Being a senior executive and counsel, I use my far-reaching experience to provide solutions-centric thinking for insightful, change-oriented results while maintaining innovative practical skills and up-to-date ideas for diverse needs.

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