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Advanced social media class

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, SMC Sacramento leadership team member and seasoned marketer Logan Mayville (pictured below | Twitter) taught an advanced Facebook advertising class to a packed house.

Logan Mayville, Digital Marketer, SMCSac Leadership Member, social media
Logan Mayville, Digital Marketer, SMCSac Leadership Member

The class went beyond the basics of boosting posts. Logan showed attendees how to install the Facebook Pixel on a website, thus unlocking useful features such as conversion tracking and retargeting.

The class was so popular that a sequel is already in the works: Unlocking Your Marketing Potential: Advanced Facebook Advertising–Part II.

New advanced social media classes 

The advanced Facebook advertising class marks a distinct turning point in SMC Sacramento’s programming.

Since its inception in 2009, SMC Sacramento has taught the basics of social media. Now, in order to meet the needs of a growing community of intermediate and advanced users, SMC Sacramento turns its attention to more mature programming.

“The Sacramento Social Media Club started with the mandate of social media literacy but over the years social media usage has become the new normal. Just as social media has evolved so has the Sacramento Chapter moved toward advanced programing for social media professionals. We want to support our local professionals by sharing high-end best practices and programming. We leave behind our 101 classes to deepen the conversation and collaboration between social media pros in Sacramento,” says SMC Sacramento President Jaime Wilson (Twitter).

Upcoming advanced programming includes influencer marketing (register today) and SEO topics. In 2017, advanced social media classes will continue and are currently in development.

Don’t fret, however: basic training, in one form or another, will always be available through the Club.

Advance your social media skill

Don’t miss Advanced Facebook Advertising–Part II and other advanced topics. Get notified when registration opens. Members receive a discount to attend. Not a member? Membership for an individual runs $25-100. Get the social media education that will help you succeed; become part of the club today.


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