The role of social media in bringing happiness

In the International day of happiness, the Social Media Club in UAE
emphasizes on the role of social media in bringing happiness.

Heba AlSamt: Happiness is a lifestyle that can be reflected by the way
individuals use social media.

Dubai: 20 March 2016 –  Coinciding with the International Day of Happiness, the social media club in
UAE organized a meet-up under the theme of “Happiness and Social media”  with professionals who are interested in social media. This included individuals and institutions from various sectors in the country.

The session started by an opening speech from the club president Heba AlSamt were she highlighted the concept of happiness on the social networking sites and confirmed that social media is just a tool that we control and not the opposite.

The debate session received a significant interaction where the audience were divided into pro and against the idea that social media has a role in increasing happiness among its users. All agreed that awareness on how to use social networking sites in a positive way is necessary.

By the end of the debate, Heba AlSamt thanked all the participants and added “We are in a country that ensure happiness is incorporated in the lifestyle and that’s why we should look for positivity on every aspect of using social media”

The Social Media Club in UAE is founded by Heba AlSamt, and operated by Asma Aljanaahi Events & logistics director, Ayman Itani content director, Sara Shabana communications director, Saeed Alnazari Youth director, and Lewa Abukhait membership director & NourAldin AlYousef sponsorship director.

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